24 Hour Emergency Response

When an accident happens you can count on American Environmental and our 24 Hour Emergency Response team to make every effort to minimize the impact of any release to human health and the environment. On the highway or in the plant, AE will work to stop the relase and contain any spilled material as quickly as possible. With our local resources, the clean up and disposal process can often begin as the final stages of the initial emergency response are occuring.

         24 Hour Emergency Response (423) 349-4261

Fuel Spill                                  Chemical Transfer                          In Plant Contamination            Oil Skimmer


We are experienced in responding to incidents on the highways, railways and waterways of our area. We can handle both petroleum and chemical products that are in a wet or dry form. We have the barriers, absorbents, skimmers and other equipment to respond to accidents that have resulted in releases to lakes, streams and rivers. When it comes to hazardous spills, we are your best protection. Our responders are trained and certified in compliance with OSHA's 40-hour awareness requirement. Our prompt and capable response crews will minimize your losses in productivity, environmental damage, health threats, and liability. American Environmental professionals have over fifty years of experience and have responded to thousands of incidents, day and night and in all types of weather and all types of terrain.
24 Hour Emergency Response
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