During the last one hundred years, many man made chemicals have been engineered and invented. Some products do not breakdown through natural processes and accumulate in organisms and the environment.  Prior to the advent of Environmental Regulations in the 1970's these chemicals were often discharged into the air, water and soil. One of the most rewarding aspects of American Environmentals' business is cleaning up sites that have been contaminated in the past. AE will remove the contaminated material and insure that the waste is treated and disposed of in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Just as concern for the outdoor environment came of age in the 1960's, indoor air quality became an issue in the 1990's as most homes, offices and schools were enclosed due to the increasing use of air conditioning. Pollutants and contaminates tend to concentrate inside due to attempts to increase energy efficiency. As temperature and humidity stay in a comfortable range for people, organisms like Mold find ideal growing conditions.  American Environmental has performed Mold decontamination activities for schools, municipal buildings, insurance companies and individuals.

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